Diamond: the diamond-shaped interface for your multimedia cabinet

Posted November 16, 2018 09:24:47 Digital audio has long been a cornerstone of home entertainment.

It allows for greater freedom in mixing and arranging audio tracks and it’s been used to create soundtracks for films, TV shows, and games.

But it has never really caught on as a multimedia interface for the home.

That all changes with the introduction of the new Diamond Media Vc500.

It has been designed to be a multimedia cabinet for the modern home, where the interface is all about audio.

The Vc600 is a premium audio solution for $2,000 and comes with a lot more features.

Here are the highlights: Diamond Media’s Vc400 has been a major player in the audio world since the 1990s, but this is the first time it has been offered in a portable format.

Its sleek design and large volume controls make it ideal for audio projects where volume is critical.

The front-panel controls include volume control knobs for volume control and mute, along with volume and mute/power control knob, along to the four audio channels and six outputs.

It also has an on-board mic and line-in.

There’s a built-in mic input for use with external microphones, as well as a USB microphone jack.

Diamond Media has designed the Vc800 with a dual-card design, allowing you to plug in two cards to add additional channels.

The card slots are on the front panel, and the back panel has a built in mic.

There are three USB ports on the back of the Vcc500, and a pair of headphone and line input jacks.

Diamond’s Vcc800 also comes with its own set of USB 3.0 ports.

The built-up speaker system is also good for speakers, as there’s a 2.1-mic preamp, which is designed to fit in almost any room, and four preamp outputs for stereo.

The preamp can also be used for speakers with external amplifiers, but the card slots can be used with a mic or headphones.

Diamond says that its Vc1000 will also come with a headphone preamp and speaker outputs.

The speakers are located in the front and center, so you’ll want to use headphones with them.

If you’re in a large, enclosed space, you may want to avoid using speakers.

The USB ports can also support up to a 16GB hard drive, which Diamond says is plenty of space for some multimedia work.

A headphone port can be attached to the front, and another headphone port to the back.

There is also an onboard mic input and a USB mic jack.

It’s worth noting that the VCC-600 is designed for an HDMI output, which means that you’ll need to have a compatible HDMI cable.

This can be difficult for smaller homes, where HDMI cables tend to be long.

The other notable feature of the Diamond Vc100 is that it’s equipped with an IR remote.

This is a USB remote with two buttons, one on the top of the unit and one on each side of the keyboard.

It will work with most home automation systems.

Diamond also has a suite of apps for media, music, video, and photo apps.

There also are a variety of productivity tools.

There was a built‑in microphone and line in, aswell as an on‑board microphone, and two USB 3 ports.

There will also be a USB-cable charger included.

Diamond has also included a DVD player with two audio and video slots.

The Diamond Media DVD-V800 is $2.99, while the VMC-800 is just $1.99.