What’s the difference between the two?

With FIFA 17, the game is built from the ground up to offer a truly new experience and to be as accessible as possible.

However, the core gameplay remains the same, with all of the same controls and gameplay mechanics.

So what’s different?

First of all, FIFA 17 is an entirely new experience.

It was built with FIFA fans in mind, and while it’s not completely different from the game that was originally released, it does offer new gameplay mechanics and a whole new look for FIFA.

In FIFA 17 we’ll be able to play in online leagues, with up to 32 players on each team.

In multiplayer, we’ll also be able access a whole range of new features and modes, including the ability to play with up and coming players, and to use your personal stats to boost your career.

We’ll also see an update to FIFA 17’s FIFA Points system, allowing us to earn additional money to spend on upgrades, player and player-specific gear, and other items that we can’t get in the game.

We also have access to a whole host of new FIFA 17 features, including:We’ve seen some of these features in the past, but it’s still early days for FIFA 17.

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