Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8.1 for free on June 28

Microsoft is launching a free upgrade to Windows Phone, starting with the new operating system that will be rolled out this month, in what is an attempt to ease some of the pain for users.

The free upgrade for existing users will be available from June 28.

But if you haven’t purchased Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.0 yet, you’ll be able to get a free Windows Phone upgrade for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8 will come pre-loaded with the latest and greatest apps, including the ability to download apps directly from the Microsoft Store.

It will also come with an optional Cortana assistant, which allows users to interact with their devices via voice.

The Cortana Assistant is also designed to work with Windows Phone’s voice assistant, Google Now, and is available to new Windows Phone devices.

While Microsoft has been releasing software updates to Windows phones for years, the company announced its Windows Phone 10 upgrade in February.

Now that the free upgrade will come free for existing Windows Phone users, Microsoft wants to make sure that it has enough time to offer new software and updates to all existing Windows phones.

“This upgrade to the Windows Phone platform will allow us to better deliver the best possible user experience for our customers and make the Windows 10 platform more attractive to users,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft says it will be releasing more free updates to the software in the future.

The company also released an upgrade for Mac OS X Mavericks that includes a feature called “Pivot” that allows users who are upgrading to Windows 10 to use a Mac to keep the current version of Windows while switching to Windows.

Microsoft is also releasing an upgrade to Android for new users.

Microsoft is also expanding the free trial for Windows 10 from just one day to two days.