In Brazil, there’s no way to stop the virus

The virus that caused the deaths of thousands in Brazil is spreading throughout the country, and it’s getting worse.

On Sunday, President Mauricio Macri announced a national lockdown.

The government also declared a state of emergency and called for the use of a “massive” military operation.

The virus is spreading like wildfire in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and officials have declared a citywide lockdown.

The city of São Paulo, the capital, declared a public health emergency.

The lockdown, which also includes the closing of hospitals, schools and public transportation, has left many Brazilians without power and internet.

Many are stuck in a state where many of the major cities are experiencing severe power outages, according to The Associated Press.

The shutdown also leaves thousands without access to water and basic supplies.

More than 5,000 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus so far in Brazil, the World Health Organization said, with an additional 5,300 people infected and 2,500 deaths attributed to the virus.

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