Dems, Republicans propose $100 billion for veterans aid, infrastructure

Republicans and Democrats are proposing a $100 Billion spending package to address veterans’ health care needs.

The bipartisan legislation, which includes a veterans bill, also calls for a $500 billion increase in defense spending.

The bill would create a $50 billion fund for veterans’ compensation.

The bill would also create a Veterans Health Administration for veterans who are disabled and have served in the armed forces.

It would also establish a Veterans Economic Opportunity and Infrastructure Fund.

Republicans say the legislation would create jobs and give the military the tools it needs to build a new war chest.

Democrats say the proposal would do more harm than good.

“We know veterans are suffering from a lack of access to health care, and they deserve better, said Rep. Jeff Miller (D-Fla.).”

The VA system is broken, it is not being managed effectively, and it is a financial burden to the veterans who need care.

“The bill is expected to be introduced this week.