Mercedes-Benz Media Package – Epson Video Projectors

Now that the first video projectors have arrived at the showrooms, we are starting to get some clarity about what exactly the new products are, and what they do.

The most recent product announcement was a big one, the introduction of the Epson multimedia projector, and it is a truly unique product.

There were no details about pricing or availability, but I can tell you that it will be available in select Mercedes-AMG models starting in early 2016.

The Epson is essentially a projector that has a small form factor and a very simple design.

The only thing it does differently is that it can be powered with an external power supply, which is why I am assuming the $6,000 price tag will be more expensive than most people would expect.

The main advantages of the new projectors are: they are small, light, and easy to operate.

They also have a low power consumption, so the system will last for a very long time.

There are several other advantages, such as low cost, high resolution, and good image quality.

The biggest drawback is that the technology is not fully integrated into the new vehicles, and there is still no word on how much the new technology will cost.

So the future is uncertain, but we will have to wait for more details.