New Zealand is the world’s most downloaded TV station

New Zealand’s TV industry is struggling with the popularity of a smartphone app that can stream content from smartphones.

The popular Android-based mobile app, Multimedia Car Stereo, can be accessed by a smartphone on an app that plugs into a mobile phone’s USB port, making it easy for consumers to access and stream media on their phones.

But that’s not the case with other TV stations, including the CBC, the broadcaster that first introduced the app to the market in 2014.

The New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation says the app can only stream audio content, video content, and photos.

It says the TV station is not aware of any other app that streams multimedia content, nor is it aware of apps that do not have a requirement to have a TV license to stream multimedia content.

It also says the apps do not allow users to set a time for when the content is available, and they don’t provide users with a list of stations to choose from.

The CBC has said that in the future, it plans to add a “playback button” to the app so that users can choose from a list from available stations.

The BBC says the BBC’s Digital Service team is looking into the matter and is currently working with the app’s developer.CBC said it was unaware of any issues with the apps, and that the app has been downloaded more than a million times in the last 24 hours.

The app is not being used by any other television stations in New Zealand.CBC spokesman Peter Dunne said the broadcaster had not received any complaints about the app.

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