When can a family use medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is available in the U.S. and Canada for medical use, but it remains illegal at the federal level.

That’s changed recently, with the passage of a bill by the House of Representatives to decriminalize medical marijuana, which would allow patients with debilitating conditions to legally purchase the drug for a small fee.

Medical marijuana patients will now be able to legally buy medical marijuana in the state of Colorado and Washington, but they must first obtain a doctor’s recommendation to do so.

Currently, the only medical marijuana products available are marijuana oil and edibles, which are sold by dispensaries.

The U.K. is one of the few countries that has legalized medical marijuana.

In 2016, the country was the first in the world to allow medical marijuana users to purchase the product for a fee.

That move was supported by Prime Minister Theresa May.

However, the new law does not allow for the sales of any other products that do not have to be prescribed.

According to the U-T San Francisco, California, Medical Marijuana Association of California, a national medical marijuana organization, “the law provides patients with a simple and cost-effective way to access medical marijuana while remaining in compliance with state law.”

The group said the law will allow patients to grow and possess their own plants, grow their own marijuana and sell their own product.

According to an article by The Associated Press, California voters passed a ballot initiative in November that made it legal for adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, but the state is still in the process of creating a regulatory framework.

That will take several years.