Former Obama adviser and Trump campaign manager: I think Trump is going to be great president

Cheryl Garza, a former Obama campaign adviser and current adviser to Donald Trump, said Wednesday that she thinks President-elect Donald Trump is the most qualified person ever elected to serve as president.

“I think he’s going to run a great country,” Garza said.

“He’s going the right direction, and he’s just going to make sure that we’re getting a great economy and a great future for our kids and grandchildren.”

Garza said that she’s not surprised that the president-elect has a “fear of the media” and that she has no problem with the media attacking him.

“What I’m not surprised about is that, as he says, the media is trying to make this into a race,” Garuda said.

“And I think that’s the only thing that I think they can do, and that’s what’s going on here is that he’s getting a lot of the press that is against him.

They’re doing their best to destroy him.”

Garuda said that it would be “unwise” for the media to focus on the fact that she is Jewish, and Garza has worked for Obama for years.

“As I say, I’m Jewish, so I’m very conscious about being able to say that I’m a supporter of the Jewish people, and the Jews in this country are an integral part of this country,” she said.