When can you buy an audio CD for Rs.3 lakh?

The audio CD has been widely used in India and in other parts of the world, but is it really worth the price?

A new study by the World Bank says yes, and says that it will be hard to beat the price tag.

The study, released on Thursday, said that a Rs.20,000 audio CD can be bought for around Rs.4 lakh.

That means it will cost you less than a brand new smartphone, but that’s not enough for most Indians.

But there are some who think it will work well in a country where the digital divide has widened in the past five years.

The study found that most people have been willing to pay Rs.5,000 for a new smartphone or tablet, but only a few have been prepared to pay a huge sum for a audio CD.

“There is a perception that the CD will have a big impact in India, especially in rural areas.

This is a common perception among many Indians, but the truth is that a good CD can have a much bigger impact in rural India,” the report said.

“While there are benefits to the consumer in the cost of a new CD, the overall effect on the environment is low.”

The study, based on surveys conducted by companies like Vibeon and Rishi, found that only about one-fifth of people thought they would pay less than Rs.30,000 (US$4,300) for a CD.

And that is in a survey that asked about the effect of the CD on the cost and quality of goods.

The survey also found that more people thought the impact of the audio CD was greater than that of smartphones, at 50% to 75%.

“The majority of respondents (77%) think the effect on consumers is much greater than the impact on the manufacturing and distribution costs,” the study said.

The report said that there was also a perception among some people that audio CDs were cheaper than smartphones because they are made from plastic rather than metal.

“Although it is true that the plastic packaging of a CD is more expensive, it is also true that there are better quality components,” the survey said.

But the study also found, “the cost of audio CD components are much lower than those of smartphone components.”

So why are people paying a premium for audio CDs?

The study asked people about their spending habits.

It found that while people were willing to spend up to Rs.2 lakh (US $300) on a CD, they were less willing to do so for smartphones.

“The reasons for this were varied.

Some respondents preferred to spend the higher price on their smartphones,” the paper said.

The survey also said that people were more likely to buy a CD for the convenience of their children than for their own entertainment needs.

“People in households with children tended to spend less on their childrens digital devices compared to their parents, and this trend may be related to the perception that a new device is less useful for children,” the research said.