MBS-MBX: MySpace, MySpace TV, MyMovies and MySpace Music all on YouTube in a single app

MBS (Mobile Broadcast Television Network) has launched a new video-streaming app for smartphones and tablets that allows users to share videos with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Users can now share their own videos with up to 10 friends with a single tap, and upload new videos and photos from the app to a Facebook page.

Users can also add friends who have already shared the same video or photos, and then use the sharing feature to add them to a group of friends who can watch and view the video together.

The app also includes a number of social media features that allow users to add their own content to a video, such as adding hashtags, and posting a video on YouTube, as well as the ability to edit the video and upload a new one.

Users also have the option of viewing a video or photo in a Facebook app or other social media service.

MBS’ new MySpace video-sharing app is the company’s first to be made available on Android and iOS, which will be followed by other mobile apps for TV and movies, including Netflix, YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo.