Which presidential candidate will be best at communicating the US’ new foreign policy?

The Hill article President Donald Trump is making some progress on his foreign policy goals, but he is still struggling to connect with voters, according to new polling.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that voters want Trump to “make good on his promise to reduce tensions with North Korea,” but that he still needs to demonstrate that he can “show real leadership” and that he has “serious ideas” for dealing with Iran and Russia.

The poll also shows that a majority of voters believe Trump’s “unprecedented” travel ban is a bad idea, and that it is a “political decision” that could hurt the economy.

And while he still has to work on his economic policy, the president is leading a majority in his handling of the Iran nuclear deal.

A majority of Americans believe that Trump has the ability to make “good on his promises” to reduce the threat of terrorism, and believe that he should “show serious leadership” in the international arena, the poll found.

While a majority believe Trump has “the ability to improve relations with the international community” and “show more leadership” on climate change, a majority also say that the administration has “shown little or no leadership” over the nuclear deal with Iran.

And the poll shows voters want him to “work to ensure that the US can remain an ally in the world, and maintain the global leadership it once enjoyed,” rather than “tear it up.”

Trump and the administration are currently working to come up with a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS and bring peace to Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

But despite the challenges, the survey shows that Americans still want the president to keep pushing.

Trump’s supporters want him and his administration to “focus on finding a solution to the Iran deal and not on tearing it up,” according to the poll, which was conducted Oct. 18-20 among a random national sample of 2,014 registered voters.

More than half of Trump supporters said that he would be the best person to work with to address the “difficult and dangerous” situation in Syria, with 55 percent saying that Trump is the “most likely” person to lead the effort to “stop ISIS and other radical groups.”

More than a third of Trump voters also said that Trump would be “the most effective” president in the fight against ISIS, with 56 percent saying he would “make the most progress.”

More Americans, including a majority, said they would support Trump to do more to “improve relations with Russia,” which is “a concern” with 45 percent.

And Trump voters are also concerned that the Trump administration is taking too long to act on Iran’s nuclear deal, with 41 percent saying the administration should have done more in four weeks, while 36 percent said that the agreement should have been signed “immediately.”

In contrast, a plurality of Republicans, 52 percent, believe that the president should be more active in negotiating with Iran, while 43 percent believe the administration is “doing too little.”

Democrats are more likely to believe that Congress should act on the Iran agreement, with 65 percent saying Congress should be “more aggressive” in negotiating.

But while they are divided on the issue of negotiating with the Islamic Republic, a substantial majority of Democrats (69 percent) believe that “Congress should be the most aggressive.”

And while Trump voters want to see the United States remain an “ally” in world affairs, they also believe that America “should work to make sure we are in a position to lead in the future,” according the poll.