‘The Big 3’ to get the digital treatment with Philips chip: analyst

With the introduction of Philips’ new Digital Imaging Technology (DIT) chip, the biggest 3-D imaging provider in the world will finally get the kind of powerful 3D image processing that it needs.

The new chip is expected to give consumers the option to have their 3D photos, videos and other content seen through a single, unified lens.

It’s expected to be more accurate than the current generation of 3D cameras and a far better solution for 3D video.

The company expects the DIT chip to be the key driver for the launch of its new Philips 5.1 surround camera.

“With Philips’ recent DIT launch, we are now in a position to announce that the Philips 5-inch HDTV is coming to market in a very similar manner to the Philips 7-inch HDR TV,” Philips marketing manager Paul Jansen said in a statement.

“We expect to begin shipping our 5-in-1 HDTV and the new 7-in.7.7-inch H.265 HDTV at the end of March.”

Our goal is to provide consumers with a new and improved 3D viewing experience that they have come to expect from Philips.

“The 5- and 7-Inch HDR TVs have been a huge hit among the premium movie theater audience, with the latter being the best selling 3D device on Amazon.

The 5-In-1 TVs are now available for $549 each, with a 5-incher set priced at $599.

Jansen says that Philips will be adding “many more” HDR TVs to the lineup over the next few months, including a new, smaller version of the 5- In-1.