Video streaming service launches in Mexico

Video streaming startup Quees multimedia offers a mobile app that lets you stream your favorite videos and music from your phone to your computer.

The app, called Quees, lets you set your device to stream videos and songs from one of several sources, including your device’s built-in storage, a web browser, and the cloud.

You can also stream music from an Android or Apple TV using the Quees app, but the company doesn’t offer support for Chromecast-style streaming.

Quees has partnered with local media company Radio Telenor for the app.

Radio Tele, the Mexican broadcaster, is owned by a consortium of media companies that includes Televisa, Television, and Televocosmos.

Queez also recently acquired an international mobile streaming app called VideoHawk.

Quez will launch in Mexico later this year, with plans to expand to other Latin American countries in the coming months. 

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