Amazon Fire TV: New features and improvements

New Amazon Fire TVs will include new features like improved audio and video quality, more cloud storage, and support for 4K and HDR.

In addition, Amazon’s Fire TV streaming service will be available to new users starting in July.

Read moreThe Fire TV’s streaming software will be optimized for 4k and HDR, which is something we didn’t see in previous Fire TVs.

The Fire TV is designed to be a simple media center that can be used to watch and stream movies and TV shows, including Amazon’s own shows.

But in terms of hardware, Amazon hasn’t yet said what kind of video streaming capabilities the Fire TV will support.

The Fire HDX-Series is Amazon’s third 4K-capable Fire TV, and it’s designed to work with Amazon’s streaming service.

This means that, unlike the other Fire TV series, you won’t be able to get 4K video playback.

Instead, Amazon is introducing a feature called “enhanced audio” which will allow users to watch 4K audio from movies and shows.

This feature will only be available on Fire TVs with 4K support, but you can use it on other 4K devices, too.

This feature can be enabled on Amazon’s Home app and can also be accessed in the Alexa app on Android and iOS devices.

When enabled, the Fire HDx-Series will display the audio when you turn on the TV.

Amazon has made it easy for you to enable 4K playback for the Fire TVs on the Amazon Webstore.

If you have a Fire TV with 4k support, Amazon will display 4K content in the Amazon Fire app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The Amazon Fire HD series will also be available in an “expanded” form, where users will be able choose to upgrade to 4K, HDR, or HDR+.

The new HD series also has an expanded color gamut which means that you can now watch HDR content at 4K or HDR+ resolution.

The 4K Fire TV also comes with a new Amazon Echo speaker.

The new Echo speaker is designed with an expanded stereo range, allowing you to play your favorite music without the need to listen to it through the speakers.

You can also use the Echo speaker to control your Echo Dot and other Echo devices with Alexa.

The Echo is a great addition to the Amazon Echo lineup.

Amazon has been working on the Echo for a while now and it makes sense that Amazon has made an Echo-compatible 4K TV.

Amazon is also adding a new feature that allows you to search for and buy audio and photos on Amazon, which you can do by asking Alexa for a photo, a title, or a name.

If Alexa is connected to the Echo, it will give you more information about that product.

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