How to add subtitles to YouTube videos

The best way to add YouTube videos to your website is to create a custom YouTube embed that includes all of the YouTube videos in your site.

It will let you easily add subtitles, or change how they appear.

This is the method I use.

You can use the same method to add new video captions to your videos.


Add a custom video embed in your website.

To create a YouTube embed, first create a new YouTube video.

Click the Create new video button, then click on the Video menu item.

Select Custom Video Embed from the dropdown menu.


Add the custom video to your site’s navigation menu.

If you use WordPress, you can select Add custom video in the Custom Video Menu.

If not, click on Custom video in WordPress.


Then, in the navigation menu, click Add New Embed.

This will open a new screen that contains the Custom Embed window.

Click Add Custom EmbED.


Select the Video field from the menu, then select Video.


Choose the video you just created and click Next.


Click Save.

This opens a new page where you can add the custom embed to your video.

To edit the embed, select the Custom embed you just added, then type the URL of the video in Video.


You should see an Add video button that says Custom Embeds.

You’ll be prompted to save the embed by clicking the Save button.


When the embed is saved, click the Add Custom Video button to open the Custom video embed window.


Click on the Embed field in the video embed page to add the video to the custom content in your video and click on Add Custom Content to edit the custom code.


Click Close to close the Custom content window.