Microsoft to offer $500 gift card for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 purchase

Microsoft will offer a $500 Microsoft gift card to any Surface Pro users who buy a Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro tablet.

The offer is available through Nov. 1, the company said in a statement on Friday.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro line includes the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, as well as Surface Pro x2 and Surface Pen, which offer touchscreens and pen input.

The company has also launched its Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop, which are available with Windows 10.

The Surface Pro family includes the $499 Surface Pro, Surface, Surface Pen and Surface Book.

The new Surface Pro 11 will be launched on Nov. 5, with a price of $799.

Microsoft has said it will begin selling the Pro 11 in early January.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in providing digital content to Windows 10 devices, with more than 40 million devices being sold since Microsoft launched the platform last year.

The Microsoft Store now offers more than 1.6 billion titles, including more than 200,000 games and over 20,000 movies, and offers thousands of free and paid apps.