What’s next for the Apple Music platform

Posted September 21, 2018 13:23:00Apple Music will finally launch on September 30, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an earnings call.

The service will include streaming music, music and video, and Apple is still looking at adding more apps, though that will likely come with updates.

Apple has been working on the Apple music platform for a while now and today’s announcement means that it will finally be available to all users at some point in the near future.

Apple Music is not only a streaming service that is designed for listening to music, but it also lets you watch videos and podcasts.

Apple is offering more than just streaming music as well, though, and there is a lot of content to choose from when it comes to video.

You can watch some of the best shows from the best creators in the industry, or even listen to them for free.

Apple has been teasing new videos and shows for the iOS App Store for some time, and now it’s coming to the Apple TV app.

The new videos feature some of Apple’s most popular songs, along with a few that are currently unavailable to stream on Apple Music.

Apple’s new videos are now available on Apple TV, but the service will also be available on Roku and other devices in the future.

Apple also says that Apple Music videos will also appear on Apple’s iTunes Store.

Apple is also looking to bring more content to Apple TV in the form of podcasts, though the service is currently only available on the iPad.

Apple says that the next Apple TV show, Apple Podcasts, will be available for Apple TV and the iTunes Store in the next few months.

Apple will also release new apps for Apple Music later this year.

The company is also launching a new iPhone app, which will be part of the iOS 10 software update.

It will allow users to listen to Apple Music podcasts in the same way that they can now listen to music and videos on the iPhone.

Apple Music is available now on the App Store and is available on iPhones as well.