How to watch the video of the police shooting of Michael Brown on YouTube

People have taken to social media to share the video that shows Michael Brown’s death while he lay on the ground.

The video, posted by an unidentified bystander, shows Brown, a black teenager, being pulled from the back of a police vehicle by a white officer, who later shoots him dead.CNN’s Dan Merica, who was in Ferguson, Missouri, on Thursday night, tweeted the video.

He’s dead!

It’s real!

The officer who pulled Michael Brown off the ground is dead, according to the video he was holding.

It’s incredible.

It’s amazing, and it’s very upsetting to hear it.

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said it’s a video of a man dying.CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin said the officer should have shot Brown in self-defense.

“What was going through his mind?

That he was going to be killed by the police?

That’s what he thought he was doing?”

Baldwin said.

“There are many, many reasons why you should not shoot someone, and he wasn’t a bad person.

It was his reaction that was the wrong one.”

Baldwin said it was unclear whether Brown was armed at the time.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.