Microsoft Releases Linux 4.0 on March 17th for Mobile Devices

Microsoft has released the first public preview of its new operating system, which was created by the Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation has a long history of working with Microsoft to provide Linux support on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, which it launched in 2012.

The new release, which is being made available for free, includes a number of new features.

The first is support for Bluetooth 4.2, which will allow developers to build a range of devices that can support the technology, as well as a range the ability to share audio, video and more between devices.

Another new feature will allow Windows devices to connect to Windows apps.

Windows 10 is a very popular device for many developers, and many of them will want to develop applications that can work on Linux and run on Windows.

The latest version of Windows 10 also includes the ability for devices to send and receive audio and video files, as Microsoft has done with Windows 8.1, but there is a caveat: devices must be connected to the cloud to receive the files.

Microsoft said that this new feature “is currently only available on Windows 10 Mobile devices.”